I’m interested in several kinds of mathematics and free software. Often in an interplay between them. Most of the free software with which I like to directly contribute is mathematical. I’m involved with GNU Octave and Mercurial, a DVCS frequently offered as an alternative to git.

You may contact me at my email: jordigh@octave.org

I’m also available on Mastodon: @JordiGH@mathstodon.xyz

Most of my public code nowadays is in the Octave repository. You can also take a look at my OhLoh profile to see my public code samples.

On a more personal level, I’m Mexican, currently residing in Montréal. I like walking a lot (I don’t drive, although I did take lessons for a week, so at least I know how a car works in theory). I like reading good novels, and I enjoy knitting. I’m of course native in Spanish, but also in English, if you can believe that a person can have more than one native language. I really love languages, and I keep wishing I could learn more.

Oh, and I look like this.

Just Jordi
Jordi on an autumn day