Making posting easier

Dear lazyweb,

How can I make blogging as painless as possible? I’m an Emacs + WordPress user. I wish I could just easily post from Emacs. Right now, I still use the WordPress admin website for posting, and although of course it’s not hard to do it this way, it’s awkward to have to log in and do a few administrative tasks before I can post. I tried org2blog, but I don’t like it too much because it was almost as much as work, plus I had a hard time getting org-mode to not try to be more clever than me and no write its own HTML. Right now, the way I feel most comfortable writing in Emacs is in html-mode. I like writing my own HTML. It’s easy enough that I don’t need any pretty interface to it; plain HTML is simple enough.

I really need to lower the activation energy to blogging to almost zero. Of course, that alone might not make me blog more often, but any amount of nontrivial activation energy will slow me down. I may end up writing my own Emacs solution if I don’t find one, but perhaps there’s an easy method out there I’ve missed.

TODO created

So using Emacs’ org-mode, I’ve written a TODO list. It’s my list of tasks for the various projects I’m involved in. It’s quite fanciful for now, but at least I am certain that all the tasks in it are doable, with a modicum of effort.

The advantage of using org-mode is that I can keep the list updated with it and all the other nifty things that org-mode can do. This Emacs mode really seems like a world in itself. Indeed, many people seem to use Emacs only for org-mode. Perhaps I will soon start to appreciate its mystique.