Curriculum Vitae (résumé)

I’m mostly a C++ and Python GNU/Linux programmer with a mathematical bent. Below is a rough sketch of what kind of work I’ve done. If you want more details, contact me.

Work Experience

July 2015 – present — Carbon and greenhouse gas emission accounting
Work on a Django web app that collects and reports customer data related to ecological impact. Some light devops of the same app.
January 2011 – June 2015 — Neuroimaging software development.
Develop Perl, Python, and Octave software for medical data acquisition and image processing.
March 2011 – July 2011 — Perl programmer analyst
Perl programming, needs of web administration platform and implement them in Perl.
October 2010 – February 2011 — Java programmer analyst
Java programming, natural language processing, machine learning
May, 2010 – September 2010 — Cryptography and security Linux, C and C++ Integration Engineer
Integrate cryptographic products written in C and C++ for RedHat and SUSE Linux platforms. Improve elliptic curve cryptography implementation.
September, 2009 – March, 2010 — Internet filtering C++ Software Developer
Developed multithreaded C++ process monitor in a Linux and general Unix environment. Improved SNMP integration. Rewrote company MIB.
March, 2009 – September 2009 — Human Resources PHP and Database Admin
Management of in-house database for hosting our customer data.
2008, second half — Internet service provider C++ programmer
C++ coding and BSD administration. Efficient string algorithms, embedded system development (MIPS with OpenWrt).

Nonprofit Work

Since 2008
GNU Octave
Developer and project contributor
I am a core GNU Octave developer. Although I have made quite a few numerical C++ contributions in the past, at present I am more involved in a “managerial” role, and I try to help with infrastructure (servers, email, helping organising the conference). I am nevertheless eager to get back into the codebase.
Since 2011
Project contributor
I have been involved with the Mercurial project, a Python-based alternative to git. I’ve been contributing patches..

Code samples

Open HUB profile
GitHub profile
GNU Octave patches
Mercurial patches


2005 – 2007
MSc specialising in applied mathematics, CIMAT
2000 – 2004
Bachelor of Arts, First Class Honours Concentration in Mathematics, McGill University, Montréal.


  1. English — Native
  2. Spanish — Native
  3. French — Conversational
  4. Russian — Basic Conversational

Technical skills

Operating Systems
GNU/Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Unix, POSIX
C++ (with Boost), C, Java, pthreads
Python, Perl, PHP, bash
MySQL, PostgreSQL
MATLAB/Octave, Maxima
GNU autotools, CMake, Emacs, Mercurial and other DVCSes

Additional skills

Numerical methods and analysis, general mathematical ability at all levels, mathematical coding.
Impeccable English-Spanish translation. Excellent grasp of the nuances and cultural associations of each language. Written and oral communication.