Code sprint

Welcome to the sprint! Here is how it should proceed:

  1. From this list, pick an interesting function that you understand how it should work.
  2. Announce in #octave that you want to work on this function and also edit the wiki to say the same.
  3. Write a few simple tests for what you think the function should be able to do. Don’t attempt to test its efficiency, only if the function works. Use assert, error and test commands for writing your tests. Consult the doctstring for these functions if you need to.
  4. Once your tests are ready, put the special comment character %! at the front of all of your tests, and either prepare Mercurial patch (preferrable) or upload your changes to a pastebin (codepad is preferred). Or just push the patch if you have write privileges on Savannah.
  5. Mark the file as DONE in the wiki when the tests are pushed to the repo.
  6. GOTO 1

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