SOCIS 2012 students

Octave has acquired two students for the European Space Agency’s Summer of Code In Space.

Wendy Liu is a Django enthusiast who will be working on finishing Agora Octave. She is a capable webdev, having already built several successful websites, and she is also no stranger to free software and free development, as she is involved with the phpBB community.

Andrius Sutas is familiar with hardware interfaces and will be working on our low-level I/O project for Octave. He has been active in his university robotics student team which has recently announced the development of BLUEbot. In addition to this, he is a capable Unix sysadmin and is familiar with C++ and low-level C and assembly.

Let’s welcome them both and help them achieve success with their projects.

P. S. я играю на гармошке…

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